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Ruritan Club Constitution and Bylaws

Article IV. Membership

Section A. It is recommended that club membership be composed of people representing a cross-section of the community.

Section B. Any person of good moral character and reputation shall be eligible for club membership.

Section C. There are three kinds of membership, namely: active, honorary, and associate members.

Section D. Club membership may be acquired only by invitation, transfer or reinstatement.

Section E. Any member of this club may present the name of a proposed member to the president.  The president shall present the name of the proposed member to the Board of Directors.  Upon majority approval, the name shall be submitted to the club.  Upon approval of a 2/3 vote, the person shall become a member of that club providing a quorum is present.

Current Membership Dues are $125.00/year.  Dues are for 12 monthly meetings (dinner provided at meetings) and national registry dues.


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